Individuals interested in saving money by living as a property guardian are assessed during an induction in order to ensure that they are capable, fully aware of and understand the rules and regulations of living as a guardian, and what they may expect in return.

Guardians will receive a copy of the 'Guardian Handbook', this details what is expected of you, a list of contacts and what to do in most situations - guardians should expect that management may visit the property for the purpose of a general inspection at any time to ensure the desired standards of occupation are being maintained.

The paperwork: Upon registration, guardians will be required to provide a copy of their 1. passport, 2. an employment reference, 3. a landlord reference & 4. a recent UK bank statement as proof of residency.

Our Guardians said what?

"My partner and I have been guardians with Plage Property for just under six months, and it is a wonderful experience. The guardian scheme allows living in great locations and amazing, sometimes unusual, spaces (ours is a former pub, in a huge beautiful Victorian building) at very affordable prices, giving us a chance to save towards our business. The Plage team are friendly, helpful and very efficient." - Aleksandra
"Living as a property guardian has allowed me to live nearer work for super cheap, this has allowed me to save more of my salary towards buying my own home one day." - Mike
"Becoming a guardian definitely was one of the best decisions I have made recently! With this decision comes responsibility but it’s an amazing opportunity that opened the door to alternative ways of  living in uber expensive London!" - Dmitry
"It really helped me to be a guardian and I don't know how I would have made it in London otherwise." Becky
"I was happy to find Plage Property, which enabled me to save money."  - Yoko


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