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We offer a cost saving, comprehensive property management and security service. The placement of property guardians acts to not only ensure your asset is well looked after, but stops all likelihood of the onset of damp and dilapidation, as well to act as an early warning system for any attempted break-ins or utility failure (e.g. burst water pipes).

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Using our guardians will save you money

Up to 100% of the cost of traditional security saved - with the added peace of mind that someone reliable is looking after the property as if it were their own.

* You also may benefit from reduced property insurance premiums by as much as 80%.

STOP The squat

Since residential squatting was officially outlawed in September 2012, loop-holes to legally occupy commercial buildings are still being exploited and properties are being asset stripped, leaving thousands of pounds of damage for the owner.

Having our property guardians in occupation sends a strong message to any person hoping to exploit an empty property. Their presence in a building, coupled with keeping the surrounding areas free from rubbish, is a sure way to detract from any anti-social behaviour - result! 


Save on Empty Property rates

Through our charity, we are able to save you tens of thousands of pounds by removing your liability to your Empty Property Rates (EPR). Working with the rates relief teams within the various councils we are able to negate 80% EPR saving off the bat, and on occasion up to 100% of the rates. 

Your commercial space could be repurposed towards providing further education for the local community. 

Case Study 1: Mixed use 8 storey property in Slough consisting of 64 residential units and 7,000sft of commercial space - annual payable business rates saving of £32,000 & £22,500 of council tax through the placement guardians.

Case Study 2: Commercial building in Holborn with empty property rates of £655,000 which we reduced to £131,000 - a year on year saving of £524,000. 

Case Study 3: Commercial building in Hackney with empty property rates of £210,000 which we reduced to £42,000 - a year on year saving of £168,000.

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What Other PROPERTY Services do we offer? 

Short-term residential letting (AST)

SIA accredited security guards

Inventory and property reports

Gas and electricity safety checks

Key holding

Floor plans and EPC reports


Gardening services

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